Trevor’s interests are focused on studying, developing, and implementing interventions that improve self-determination in mental health and rehabilitation.  

Thus far these interests have lead to research efforts in Motivational Interviewing (MI), Supported Education (SEd), Peer Support, Shared-Decision Making (SDM), and Self-Directed Care (SDC).  You can view his publications here. Trevor uses critical-pragmatism as a theoretical framework to drive his research efforts.  Critical pragmatism is a merging of two philosophical schools, namely Critical Theory and American Pragmatism.

Trevor’s dissertation is the development of a software program that assists individuals with psychiatric disabilities in writing their own recovery plans.  The following is a brief description:

MY VOICE: Strength-based and Self-directed Recovery Planning.

MY VOICE is an electronic decision support intervention that includes elements from both Shared-Decision Making (SDM) and Self-Directed Care (SDC) for people with psychiatric disabilities.  MY VOICE is an internet program Trevor has developed in Kansas which guides individuals with psychiatric disabilities through a recovery goal planning process.  Individual strengths are assessed and strategically paired with self-identified recovery goals.  The program concludes with planning initial steps toward recovery.  The individual using the program can print or email the plan to relevant professionals such as case-managers, peer support workers or others.  From Self-Directed Care, MY VOICE borrows the concepts of informed self-assessment and determining how and by whom needs should be met.  From Shared-Decision Making, MY VOICE borrows a focus on technological decision aids which help individuals increase their voice in treatment, make informed decisions, and the facilitation of a decision making process.  MY VOICE is strategically and explicitly strengths-based in its approach to facilitating recovery planning.  Trevor’s dissertation is piloting this program using a randomized controlled waitlist design.

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