Often workshops and training alone don’t provide enough support to truly gain and sustain motivational interviewing skills.  Some form of ongoing follow up is needed.  We provide a variety of follow up feedback and coaching options.

Coaching Circles

MI coaching circles are skill practice groups conducted within an agency.  These groups are facilitated by one or two individuals who have received more intensive MI training and have at least reached proficiency in MI through audio-recording feedback and supervision.  These MI coaches then return to their agencies and facilitate MI learning activities for an hour or two weekly or biweekly within their organization.  The intent is to provide on-going supervision and coaching in a safe place within an agency to help others learn and sustain the complex MI skill set.  The agency still needs to invest in more intensive training and supervision for the MI coaching circle facilitators and in introductory MI training for the other staff attending the coaching circles.  However, there is potential cost savings in avoiding having to send everyone within an agency to receive the intensive workshop training, supervision and audio-recording that learning and sustaining MI appears to require.  However, the potential benefits of coaching circles include: 1) anticipated training and coaching cost savings, 2) an in-house mechanism for learning a complex skill set, 3) the potential ability to sustain this complex skill set over time, and 4) the introduction of a process that could be used to learn and sustain other complex skills that an agency identifies as needing development over time.

Individual Coaching

Individual MI coaching can look a variety of different ways.  Some prefer one-to-one conversations.  Others prefer web-based or telephone coaching consultations.  Some prefer to send in audio-recordings to receive written and/or verbal feedback.  Still others prefer a combination of these methods.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your prefered methods and needs.