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Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based communication style shown to help people resolve ambivalence and increase their confidence and commitment to make change happen.

We’ve all experienced the excitement after a highly relevant workshop only to find two weeks later everyone is doing the same things they’ve always done… this is costly! Your goal is to improve performance, not train in vain.

Trevor’s approach moves beyond the one-and-done workshop experience.
“Intro to MI & Beyond” is the first step in building a proficient and continuous MI skill set. Trevor’s MI trainings launch professionals into thinking and planning for long-term, sustainable MI skill execution. He excels at helping organizations implement and integrate MI into daily processes so it sticks and becomes part of the culture – increasing training ROI.


You’ll learn & further hone:


  • How to maintain an equal relationship that fosters trust and helps others feel understood and cared for, which increases healing, cooperation and motivation.
  • The science and strategies behind helping people talk themselves into changing, resulting in increased likelihood of sustained change.
  • Strategies that help you meet others where they are at in their change process and then how to move to the next level!
  • How to start practicing and integrating MI into your unique processes so that they impact how you provide services and produce more positive client outcomes.

“[I liked] the real application of examples in our field!”

– Attendee, ND

“I have seen an increase in counselor performance and morale for those using MI”.

– Voc. Rehab. Director, WI

In tears, “I don’t know what you are learning. But I love it!”

– Counseling Client, WI

“In the past working through issues like this would take up to 6 months. With your MI training it took 1 hour.”

– Counselor Attendee, WI